Customized switches

APEM also designs and manufactures customized switches that can be classified into 2 groups :

Group 1 consists of catalogue products adapted to meet a specific need: special actuator, specific mounting style, customized connection, etc.

Group 2 consists of products entirely developed to customer’s specifications and produced with specific tooling.

Customized product request

Examples group 1 (available for sale)

The products shown below are examples of catalog products adapted
to meet a specific need. They illustrate APEM’s capability to develop customized products. They are available for sale and can be purchased under the model number indicated in brackets.

12000 series for high currents (12146AGK-2V X1221) 
12000 series switches• High current/voltage ratings:
   5A inductive at 125VAC or 30VDC
• Double pole, function 6
• Only available with locking lever:
   1V (1 locked position) or 2V (2 locked positions)
• Finish: nickel plated (standard) or matt black (option G)
• Electrical life: 10.000 cycles - Mechanical life: 50.000 cycles
• Part number: 12146AGK-2VX1221

5000 series class II (5636A-8 X1231)
5000 series switches• Double insulation
• Wire lead terminals to customer’s specifications
• Flatted lever of 21,3 mm (.838) outside bushing

Vertical right angle SMT TP series (TP32VS83585)
vertical right angle SMT TP series• Excellent stability and mechanical strength
• Saves space on the printed circuit board
• Supplied in tape and reel packaging for pick and place equipment
• Also available for TL series toggle switches

13000 series with mechanical stop and stranded wire leads (13445CDG-29 X1204)
13000 series switches• External mechanical stop designed to protect contact mechanism against excessive force
• Stranded wire leads to customer specifications : AWG24, MIL approved
• Terminals/wires protected by heatshrink sleeves
• Matt black finish

Double pole NK series (NK246 X1211)  
Double pole NK series switches• Two switches with a common actuator
• Terminal spacing: 5,05 mm (.200)
• Travel: 1,60 mm (.062)
• Part number : NK246X1211

Examples group 2 (customer exclusivity)

The custom switches shown below have been entirely developed to APEM’s
customers’ specifications. They are the exclusive propriety of the customer who has supported the tooling costs. They illustrate APEM’s capability to find solutions to the most specific switch requirements.

Rocker detect switch 
Rocker detect switchThis rocker is used as a detect switch to stop a motor.
It has been engineered to fit a tight space specified by the customer.
The actuator shape has been specially designed for detection of the extreme positions of the linear motor in which the switch is mounted.

One key - one function” switch
One key - one function switchThis custom switch includes 3 keys designed to control a window blind motor.
The two side keys are available in momentary or maintained functions or a combination momentary/maintained configuration. This product was developed to meet NF-EN6066-1, a requirement of the application.

“Reed” rocker switch
Reed rocker switchThis rocker switch features :
• Very long electrical life : > 2.000.000 cycles
• 2 electrical functions (3 maintained or momentary positions)
• Mounting from rear of panel
• Stranded wire lead terminals

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